Bunke Racing captures their 5th Soo I-500 win in 6 years

February 8, 2017 Published by

Moorhead, Minn. (February 8th, 2017) – Bunke Racing takes home the hardware at the Soo I-500 in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

The sun was shining on Saturday at 10am when the green flagged dropped at the historic one mile ice oval track in Northern Michigan.  Gabe started out the race piloting the #74 Polaris 600R machine.  Gabe would click off the first hundred laps one by one in his cool and collective manner. “Watching him turn laps is pretty impressive- he picks good lines and is smooth as silk,” said a random fan in the crowd.  Gabe’s focus, “Stay out of trouble and count down the laps until you hit 500!” mentions Gabe after a well-deserved race win. “This is a long race and you can’t win it in the first 100 laps- but, you can sure lose it.” The #74 machine was running well, Christensen hammered the sled into the lead, until a caution flag came up around lap 160 and it would be the #74 sled on the backstretch going into corner three with an issue. The team would have to get towed into the pits for a new belt. The belt was wrapped up and it locked up the clutches inside the machine costing the team to go 3 laps down. A quick pit stop got that #74 machine back on the track in search of the leader, which happened to be the second Bunke Racing sled #537- piloted by Ryan Faust and Alex Hetteen.  This team was flying out there; the man and machine were flawless.  But, machine failure took #537 out of the race around lap 175.  The Bunke race team didn’t skip a beat, strategy and consistency was their plan. They had time left in the day to make up these laps. The crew had a plan and it worked in their favor.

Gabe got back on the sled around lap 250 and one by one the team got their laps back.  They started running up the field to chase down their Minnesota friends, the Christian Brothers teams; #17 driven by Zach Herfindahl / Wesley Selby along with #52 Re Wadena/ Ryan Trout. The Bunke team took the lead at lap 445 and wouldn’t look back. Aaron Christensen is always a strong force at the end of the day; an old snow cross racer at heart who enjoys the bumps. The checkered flag flew in the air and so did Christensen’s fist. This super powered team has clinched this race not once but seven times for Gabe Bunke, five times for Aaron Christensen and two times for Taylor Bunke.  This Bunke/Christensen team has some momentum going into their next race.

Up next for Bunke Racing will be the USXC I-500 starting on February 8th in Winnipeg, Manitoba and finishing in Bemidji, MN on Friday, February 10th.

For more info on Bunke Racing visit www.bunkeracing.com. You can also follow Bunke Racing on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BunkeRacing

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