Everything you Need to Know About Snowmobile Racing

How Prevalent is this Type of Sport?

snowmobile racing

As long as there is a surface that allows a minimum grip, any place on the planet is good to ride and organize a race. And since it’s winter, today we’ll talk about snow competitions. But not with those Caterpillar-shaped machines that are specifically designed to run at full speed on the ice, but with normal life-long bikes that all they require is a minimal touch-up and fabulous pilots.

Go ahead and if you like the ‘cross’ and the enduro, during the coldest months it is common for you to find stretches of snow. Everything will depend on your expertise, always knowing that your bike will lose ‘grip’ much more easily. And remember: always respecting the paths we can and cannot walk.

If we refer to the competitions, there are also those in which the terrain is mixed, between mud and snow, but we will focus on the races that are contested exclusively on snow-covered terrain. The best known are the snow speed hill races, which translated into a speed race on the snow. The pioneer country in this area is Austria, where, if anything else is left to them, it is mountain and cold. And a healthy point of madness.

These tests take advantage of the ski resorts, where the slopes are ideal to mark a beginning and an end and to avoid trees and other stumbling blocks that endanger the participants. They are used to climbing, mostly because if it were done the other way around, the arrival at meta would be a ‘photo finish’ festival with falls. Nor would the expertise of the pilots get so into action (they are also used thoroughly in the category of snowmobiles and’quads’). In these races, where the distance to travel is usually about 500 meters, it is forbidden to fit nails in the rear wheel, which means that low pressure is required to extend the tire surface in contact with the slippery floor. At most, you can work on the damping and the engine. The “snow speed hill races” are played in seven-bike sleeves in which the top three are ranked.

Before starting the climb, a slight drop of two meters is exceeded that allows to gain momentum and some speed to assume the slope. Needless to say, the fastest is the one who wins, but before crossing the finish line you have to keep a lot in mind, and they all have to do with the grip. The drivers have to eat the rollers of the previous races and keep their rear tire always gripped to the snow. If you lose the grip, not only will you not advance, but you will go backward. Playing hands and feet with gears and clutch is a real work of Goldsmiths. They remember the spectacular hill-climbing, where Modified enduro bikes try to climb a mud slope that ends almost at a vertical angle. You’ll remember them if we tell you that many of the drivers end up throwing the bike to win a few meters.

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